Glossary of Building and Design Terms

Artwork - an artist's rendering (drawing) and floor plan artwork, typically used by builders and realtors in marketing a home to prospective buyers.

Builders Package - A complete 8-set package, providing sets for: your local building department (usually requiring two sets), Mortgage lender (usually one set for conventional loans, three sets for FHA or VA loans), Builder (usually requires at least three sets; one as a legal document, one for use in inspections, and at least one to distribute to subcontractors) and, of course, one set for you!

Cross Section and Details - elements of the actual construction

Electrical Floor Plan - a standard layout for outlets and lighting fixtures

Exterior Elevation - the way each side of the house will look like when it is built.

Floor Plan(s) - each level of the design in detail. Dimensions for rooms, doors, windows, stairways and structural info are some of the details shown.

Foundation Plan - a full basement, walk-out, crawlspace, or a slab foundation. This varies depending upon the design.

Material List - some of our plans offer lists of materials required to build the structure. These lists serve as a general idea of the supplies needed to build the structure, therefore prior to ordering materials for this structure, confirm with your lumber yard for a exact list of materials.

Method of Payment - select your preferred method from the drop down list. We process orders as they are received, so for fastest orders use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover charge cards. If you prefer to send a certified check, or money order, please understand that we cannot process your order until the payment is received.

Method of Shipping - we ship our plans using UPS by default. If you would rather have them shipped by another carrier, please call a representative at 1-800-794-7780 between 8:30am - 4:30pm EST Monday - Friday. We can expedite your order with UPS Blue (second day) or Red (next day) service. Simply select one of these from the drop down menu.

Mirror Reversed - a mirror reversed plan shows the home in reverse of the illustrated floor plan. It is important to remember that a mirror reversed plan will not only show the layout in reverse but all wording and dimensions will be printed in reverse as well.

Plan Numbers - This is a number given to a plan to help us categorize the plan.

Plan Service - a company that provides copies of blueprints to its customers for a price.

Right Reading Reversal / Correct Reading - a right / correct reading plan shows the home in reverse of the illustrated floor plan. These plans show the layout in reverse but the wording and dimensions are readable, unlike mirror reversed plans which show the text backwards.

Reproducible Vellum - a type of paper that allows the plan to be copied multiple times. This is useful if you are not certain how many sets of blueprints you will need. It also allows changes to be made to the plan without redrawing the entire plan.

Study Set - A copy of the floor plans that lets you review a house plan before buying multiple sets. A study set also lets you figure out placement of your furniture. * Please note, these are not usable plans to build the home.


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